• rvl8condorRC15

    RVL8's Rockered Condor is the first skiboard designed specifically for powder riding. Whether it's deep powder or patches of chunk snow, you'll float like never before. Due to it's 13.7cm width underfoot the 'Rockered' and regular Condor models are recommended for aggressive, intermediate to advanced riders.

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  • rvl8spliff16

    Enter the 2016 rockered and cambered 109cm RVL8 Spliff skiboards. With 3mm over 10cm rocker combined with 6mm of camber the Spliff is the best performing sub 110cm skiboards regardless of conditions.

    7 890 Kč
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  • rvl8blyfe16

    The 105cm Revolt is the ideal all mountain skiboard length bridging the gap between hyper-maneuverable sub 100cm old school boards and super stable, over 110cm, new school longboards.

    6 940 Kč
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  • emanup17

    These skiboards have the best features for all activities on a slope. Short turning radius 6m for perfect control, ideal flex for carving, good width for quick switching from curve to curve but still sufficient surface area for landing and maneuverability in unprepared snow.

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  • rvl8ktp15

    The KTP's beefy width and extra set of rear inserts will take you far out into the powder and crud of any mountain.

    7 490 Kč
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The skiboarding can be for sure assessed as an ideal winter sport for variety of reasons. 
Smaller area of contact between skiboard and snow allows to learn skiboard control very easily and quickly. It takes mostly only one day to learn “carving” properly. The typical first time skiboarder feels comfortable after just a few runs. That’s the most outstanding advantage compared to skiing and snowboarding. Therefore you can afford much more intensive runs in a really short time. Skiboarding means freedom. Skiboards are about 1 meter long, You can simply tag them to your rucksack and you are ready to go up the hill. Even with all-metal binding the pair of skiboards weights only 3,5 kg. And if you already are good in skiing or snowboarding, why don’t try something new on ski slope, ski park, wherever. 

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Since 2004 we are selling skiboards and other accessories from all over the world to all over the world :) Before as Skiboards.cz, now as Skiboards.eu. We are trying to find the best tools for our skiboarders from whole world. In our shop you can find skiboards from Rvl8 (USA), Strictly (JP), Bluemoris (JP), Eman (CZE).bindings from PHK (ITA), Rvl8 (USA), Bomber (USA), but now also Snowblades GPO(AUT), Sporten(CZE) and Dual Snowboards(USA). In case of any questions or suggestions so feel free to co contact us! We are skiboarders like you!